According to the new leaked photos of the windows 10 recently it appear that new default browser in windows 10 will be called 'spartan'

according to zdnet and ibnlive report  new browser spartan is a mixture of mozila firefox and chrome but it is not an internet explorer . the next IE release — which may be known as IE 12 if Microsoft continues to follow its current naming conventions — is expected to look more like a cross between Chrome and Firefox, with an alleged new tab layout and support for browser extensions.

microsoft want to remove the bad image of internet explorer it is slow and more complicated to user as the image of internet explorer will be same as it seams

people are using chrome about 80% and may be give a hike to new Microsoft browser

as it work completely on java and some more features of chrome and mozila but the bad image of internet explorer remain same

"Ok so Microsoft is about to launch a new browser that's not Internet Explorer and will be the default browser in Windows 10. Wow," he tweeted.

Spartan will look and feel more like Chrome and Firefox, however, it will support extensions, reports said. The "lightweight" browser will be available on both desktop and mobile devices in Windows 10, they said.

Internet Explorer has a poor reputation among developers and users, much of which is rooted in Microsoft's traditional preference for proprietary tools over open standards.

Although that stance has changed considerably since the early days of IE, the stigma about it is so great that Microsoft recently made an ad explaining that the browser's poor reputation is not deserved.

now its a big question on Microsoft that this new browser win users heart by showing the mixture of mozila and chrome :D lets see..

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