Nowadays people are very interested in using wireless devices. Technology is improving day by day, everyone have started to use hybrid technology products like touch screen laptops, iPhone, iPad and etc... 

So I'll come to the point, mostly we are using wireless internet connection to access web via above mentioned devices. If you are using a wireless internet connection, you will set a password protection on your wireless network due to security reason. 

Like technology is improving, hacker and cracker are also increasing every day. So there are possibilities of anyone accessing internet through your wireless network but this is not identical.
Don't worry, here I have a solution to identify who are the people connected to your wireless network.

Wireless Network Watcher is introduced to identify who have connected on your wireless network. Wireless Network Watcher is a utility that scans the wireless network and shows a list of all PC and devices connected to your wireless network.

This free tool provides you the following information on your wireless network.
IP Address
MAC Address
The company that manufactured the network card
Optionally the computer name

Click Here to Download Wireless Network Watcher Version 1.57
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