So MIUI 6.7.5 is finally released yesterday as per blog announced it is fully loaded with great features

  Hey MIUI fans,
"The wait is over! MIUI 8 Global Developer ROM is finally here for everyone to download! First of all, let's give credits to our developers, alpha testers and beta testers for all the pioneering work that they have done. Without their dedicated work, amazing things wouldn't happen. Their contributions shall be honoured and respected. Long live the MIUI! Please note, the MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM is projected to be released on Aug 16, please stay tuned for further announcement. 
For China Developer ROM info, please refer to the following link

A Detailed Analysis On What is New in MIUI 8 China ROM

The long awaited MIUI 8 is finally here today ! In the launch event, Lei Jun just announced that there're 200 million active users worldwide using MIUI and this indirectly give us motivation to strive to do our best and provide useful updates for our users. Lets recall back on some new features in MIUI 8.

MIUI 8 Colors Redesigned

Power Saving Mode

For many of us, the most important characteristic of our phone is its battery life. After all, what's the use of the latest and greatest features if your phone stops working in the middle of something important? Yes, battery life is something we're working and improving since MIUI 7. For those who are using greenify and wakelock detector surely know some apps are stubborn and they will start up when one of the app is activated. In MIUI 8, those apps do not have chance to do so as we cut down their path and prevent them to start up. Less lags and less power consumption will enhance your user's experience.

When power saving mode is activated, the running background apps are freezed and all activities such as sync updates and background task would be suspended.

MIUI 8 Scanner

Please keep all your Mi devices when your children are doing their homework especially in Maths subject. Why? In MIUI 8, there's a new feature which can solve difficult Maths problems by scanning the questions. Detailed step by step solutions would be shown, currently it's applicable for High School Chinese Maths. (Why there's no such feature when i',m studying)

You want to buy an item but have no idea what it's called? Enhance your shopping experience with Snap and Shot. Take a picture and shop for the similar items online. Since MIUI 8 is not rolled out yet, this snap and shop concept is similar to 'search Google for image' option in Chrome

MIUI 8 Global Developer ROM 6.7.5 Features and Changelog

New FeaturesIntroducing new design
Introducing Second space
Dual app support for most apps
Long screenshots
New Calculator
Introducing Quick ball
New templates for Notes
Redesigned Gallery
Smart menu for editing text

HighlightsNew - App lock: Unlock all apps at once (06-23)New - Deleting Second space while in First space (06-29)New - Saved and available Wi-Fi networks appear first in the list (07-05)New - After a permission is restricted, a clickable notification is sent to the user which can restore permissions (07-05)
SystemOptimization - Loading speed increased twice for the first reboot after OTA (support for 6.0 devices) (06-21)
Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
New - Animation for successful Wi-Fi connection (07-07)Optimization - Floating notification format for incoming calls (06-22)Optimization - Separeter sound and vibration permissions for notifications (07-07)Fix - Repetitions in Settings (06-22)Fix - Errors on Wi-Fi details page (06-22)Fix - An error whe tapping the white area of the Notification shade (07-07)Fix - Couldn't enter Mi Home from lock screen with Second space on (07-07)Home screenOptimization - Hid the switch icon when there are no current tasks (06-27)Optimization - Fixed sound effect for deleting apps (07-07)Fix - Wrong app was opened after long-pressing the app in Task manager (07-07)Fix - The button for switching modes didn't work in Task Manager in some cases (07-07)
New - Deleting Second space while in First space (06-28)New - Saved and available Wi-Fi networks appear first in the list (07-05)
File Explorer
Fix - Couldn't see files saved from dual apps (06-28)

Quick Ball 
New - Tap gesture for Quick ball (06-30)

MIUI 8 Global Developer ROM 6.7.5 Download Links

Mi 4i (New!) Redmi Note 2 (New!) Redmi Note Prime
Redmi Note 3GRecovery 747M

Redmi Note 4GFastboot 912M http://bigota.d.miui.com/6.7.5/dior_global_images_6.7.5_20160523.0000.23_4.4_global_b590a42fdf.tgz
Recovery 739M http://bigota.d.miui.com/6.7.5/miui_HMNoteLTEGlobal_6.7.5_f8ab847fa8_4.4.zip

Redmi 2

Mi Max 32GB
[Unlock your phone before flash]

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