With this trick you can easily Hack all the PC/laptop when it isXP, VISTA & Windows 7

USB Flashdrive, KONUSB software

Step 1:

Download KONUSB software  
(google it now you are not kid :P ) 

Step 2:
Plug in USB Flashdrive into the PC/laptop and double click
on KONBOOTINSTALL.exe & enter the drive letter of the USB That’s it…

Step 3:
Now insert the Flashdrive into the PC/Laptop whichever u want to hack, and boot via USB (using Pend

if it asks for password, leave blank and press OK

1. PC / Laptop must support USB Flashdrive Booting.

2.This trick won’t change the Password of the PC / Laptop whatever you hacked..
It just bypass the password restriction.. If u remove the USB Flashdrive,
and boot normally it’ll remains the same as it is password protected.

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