Method 1: YouTube Spreading
1. The things you will need in this method are a YouTube Account and a File Sharing Account.

2. Basically what you are going to be doing is record yourself using a program, attracting the user to download and execute the program.(The program will be binded with your stub)

3. So you will obviously need DarkComet or some other programs involving stubs. Bind your stub with the program that you are "advertising" or using in the video that you made with YouTube.

4. When your file is uploaded, you can post the link in the description and simply label it "Download Link" like this: [Image: aJXDCHT.png]

5. Make sure the site that you upload your file on doesnt have any surveys, this will turn off people from downloading your binded file.

Method 2 : VB Project + YouTube Spreading
1. The things you will need for this method are Visual Basic or Studio, a YouTube Account, and a File Sharing site.

2. This method is basically making a simple program(doesnt have to be simple) and binding it with your stub.

3. Things you could make are... a pinger with 1000's of packets(to lag people) a game launcher, an alarm clock, a website pinger(to snatch website ip's) and much more.(the booter/pinger will be very popular)

4. You are going to want to make a video of you using your program, then uploading to YouTube. You will bind your stub with the made program and upload it to a File Sharing Site.

 5. Some methods to spread your video and your download link are posting on pastebin, go on YouLikeHits and you can get your video many likes and views. Also, you can get subscribers. Last, you can post your programs on forums, there are many people looking for these little tools. You can learn how to make these tools on YouTube and Google.

Method 3: E-Whoring
1. E-Whoring is when you act like a girl, and get someone to download your infected file. This is a great method if you want this specific type of slaves; weirdos and desperate people.

2. Some sites you can E-Whore on are... Omegle, ChatRoulette, any chat room site, and forums. Theses sites and web "places" are the most popular places to E-Whore, and the most promising.

3. If you are going to E-Whore, you are going to have to act cute. I know this sounds pretty queer but whatever it takes to get bots and slaves.Some ways to E-Whore are to say that you have a picture of you, have a video of you, and or a slideshow of you. To do this, you will probably need an extension spoofer which you can find on HackForums, the search bar is your friend Thumbsup . Also, you must be patient and very persuasive in the process.

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