BlindSide is a cryptographic tool. It is possible to encrypt and hide almost any file in an image and then retrieve it later with blindSide. The larger the bitmap file, the more you can encrypt and hide in it. The original image as well as the encoded image looks similar when viewed by the human eye but when run through BlindSide, the hidden data may be revealed Tools required:

blindSide  Password is  way2h

I uploaded the tool to mediafire so you guys can get it easier.

The Files required:
-a graphic in .bmp format (scenery pictures and photographs seem to work better that computer generated images)
-a file to encrypt (audio, application, anything, as long as it’s not too large)

To encrypt:
Rub blindside
-Open command prompt in the same directory as where the blindSide application is located.
-Now as example, to encrypt file “myAttacker.bat” into “originalImage.bmp” and save the encrypted file as “leetImage.bmp”, type the following excluding the quotation marks:
“BSIDE -a originalImage.bmp myAttacker.bat leetImage.bmp”
To be super safe, you can also add a password as shown below
“BSIDE -a originalImage.bmp myAttacker.bat leetImage.bmp PASSWORD”

To decrypt:
Rub blindside
-Open command prompt in the same directory as where the blindside application is located.
-Now to decrypt the same files as used above:
“BSIDE -x leetImage.bmp”
If you wanted to extract a specific file (e.g. myAttacker.bat) you could use the following:
“BSIDE -x leetImage.bmp myAttacker.bat”
If there exists a password for the encryption, the code below will be used:
“BSIDE -x leetImage.bmp myAttacker.bat PASSWORD”

To calculate the amount of data an image may hold:
“BSIDE -c originalImage.bmp”

To list files stored within an image: 
“BSIDE -l originalImage.bmp”

Why would you want to use blind side?
Well, let’s say I have a key logger, and a batch file to execute the key logger, I can encrypt the two files within an image file, use some binding with windows files functions and there you go. A key logger that runs on a clients machine without the user knowing. A tutorial on how to do this is soon to come if responses to this are good

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