if you need to work much on the computer (like me) and tend to take small breaks to sit back and lean on the chair, then you must have felt the need of some wireless mouse controller then this post is worth reading. In case you just wish to have some gesture controlled mouse controller, then also this post is going to interest you.

There are lot of tools in the market using which you can control your mouse without any direct contact. Some of them use the webcam to recognize your movements and convert the signals into mouse movements. One good tool that does the same and does well is called the NPointer.

NPointer is an application for gestural computer control in which hand movements are recorded by the webcam connected to your PC and then translated into the mouse movements. The application can also decode the usual mouse operations like clicks, double-clicks, drags and scrolls. Also, disabled people can also use the head movements to control the computer.

To get started you just need to install the tool in your system and then configure it to recognize your hand/head movements. If you plan to use your hand for the mouse control, then place them on the table and keep the webcam straight up. You may wave the hands in air too but table method is better for error free recognition.

 You then need to configure some settings like Motion Speed (how fast the pointer will move compared to the hand movement), Acceleration (how fast the pointer accelerates when hand motion speed changes), Menu timeout (how long the pointer should stay idle before action menu appears) and Movement cut-off (how fast the hand should move to ignore the movement. This is used when you wish to remove the hands without disturbing the pointer position). If you check the Head/Frontal Control box, then you can use you head in place of hands to control the mouse movements.

You will now see some controls on the screen which can be used to perform the same operations as performed otherwise. The tool is free to use and works well on all versions of Windows. You can read more about it at the link below.

Download NPointer

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