Sometimes we need to create a WiFi hotspot quickly so other wireless devices (smartphone or other laptop) can use an Internet connection. Today we are going to take a look at Connectify, a tool which can easily turns your Windows 7 machine into an instant WiFi hotspot.

In most of the cases we often come across a problem, a single internet connection is available on a laptop/pc, than how to share system internet with other devices? Now if we want to use the same internet connection for other Wi-Fi connectivity devices like other PC's, laptops, smartphones, tablet or any other devices there arises a complexity. Here free mHotSpot v5.0 app come in action. New version 5.0 is much better than before.
mHotSpot is very tiny app and using mhotspot software you can setup a wireless network at your home or office or on mobile. Its the simplest method to do so. Any no. of wifi connectivity devices can be connected to the thus created network. Even the Android and other smartphones without any further modifications into them, can access the wifi internet.
You can share your internet over wifi in just two steps!! NO INSTALLATION!! required for this. mhotspot is a free-software that converts your wifi enabled LAPTOP/PC running windows OS into a virtual wifi hotspot and share your internet through wifi to other laptops, smartphones, PDA's, Tablet-PCs or any other wifi connectivity devices.
Features in mHotSpot v5.0 for Windows:

  > Create a Wifi-Hotspot in you laptop (Currently Windows 7 only)
  > No Installation required
  > Fully customizable Hotspot Name
  > Share any type of Internet Connection(LAN, Ethernet,3G/4G,Wifi etc)
  > Extends your Wifi range(Acts as a repeater)
  > In-app internet selection
  > Works for Android and other smartphone with Wi-Fi to access the created wifi network.
Instructions to Use:
  > Download zip file from direct link given below and extract "mhotspot.exe".
  > Double click the mhotspot.exe file (may be you need to run as administrator).
  > Enter any name of your choice as Hotspot name.
  > Choose a password of minimum 8 chars.
  > Select your active internet connection from the drop-down list of connections.
  > Click start Hotspot to start your own personal wifi hotspot.
Supported OSs: Windows 7 (Compatibilty for Windwos 8,Vista, XP will be come in mHotSpot v6.0)
Download Free mHotSpot v5.0 for Windows:  

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