Have you ever accidentally deleted a photo or other file from your computer or digital camera.  Even if you clear the recycle bin, there is still a chance your pictures can be recovered.there are good software for recover any items by using Recuva

First, select the drive you want to scan for the deleted files.
There are two ways to scan for deleted files. First we are going to use the default scan method by just clicking Scan.
 The results pane will be populated when the scan is completed. Files that are  green can be recovered by other files that are yellow or red have been overwritten. Previews are shown for some files when you click on them.
 Check the boxes next to the files you want to restore and click Recover.
 Select a location to restore the files to and click OK. Make sure you select a different storage device/drive than where the files are currently located so you don’t overwrite the file remains. 
 Your files will now be recovered. 

Download  Recuva(2.44MB)  

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