It is not very tough to Run Android games on your Computer, but not that much easy too, The Android is releasing several applications day by day, it is very difficult to test each and everyone in your mobile. It costs lot of battery and time.

There is a Solution for this, you can test your applications in your Computer by following my tips, the windows environment was user friendly to the Android platform

It is not easy regarding all application testing as each app differs in their usage, some needs Camera, some Needs Bluetooth and some WiFi, i am giving this mainly for the apps that is available on the Outside of Android Market

Let us know how to play android games on your Computer

1) BlueStacks

The best user friendly software that runs your android games on your computer is BlueStacks, which is yet Beta version.

Download the Bluestacks officially from here


  • You can download any game in your market by single click
  • View all the apps and games in full HD Screen
  • Option for installing external .apk android files directly and testing in bluestacks
  • Very user friendly for the beginners in android testing 
2) Android SDK
The SDK refer to the Software Development kit which says it is an tool for the Android Developers, Users also use this for Testing their apps and games, but set up is not easy, and there are lot of to do for running this app on this kit
Download this Android SDK software here
3) Android live
The android live is similar to the first one mentioned above, it is for X86 Windows based systems.
For downloading Android live click here

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