best anti virus ever 2013 

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one of the most asked question in computer section  

"which anti virus is best for windows?"
we so here is the image of antivirus with compression
between other antivirus compare and find your best one 

all paid anti virus  are good in his job 

according to way2hackintosh   "Quick Heal"  is the best
antivirus for your system  but yes  this anti virus

cause your PC run slow because of his run time scan  (RATING 4.5 STARS) 

1 > it provide all kind of security   

2 > boot time scan ( which is power full weapon again

3 >   quick heal  have ability to repair file  instead

spiking  ( try this download a strong virus and scan
with different antivirus u will find the difference)   

4 > quick heal  also posses power to delete system file 
even if its his awn fine 

5 > quick heal have one great thing  its made with a
algorithm that study your every day use of computer  and
if there is any change in computer  like (registry
change without installing anything)  then quick heal
Warn you about change 
that's all 

-image source wikipedia

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