android kitkat: with better UI  

While  apple trying to be like android almost not apple look like changing into android user interface as the user interface of android is better then jelly bean Google has turned Android into one of the best-looking operating systems available  

Android KitKat: Wider hardware support in mobile and computer 

One of Android's biggest issues is fragmentation thanks to the sheer number of devices available 

This problem is heal by large number of device available in mobile coumpines Google will apparently try to make amends with Android 4.4, which is rumored to have lower specification demands and can therefore be installed on older phones and tablets 


Android KitKat: Exclusive Cloud-based system

Cloud storage is old news – we already have the likes of Google Drive, Dropbox and Box, but Google may be looking to integrate this feature more tightly with Android. Perhaps in the same way that Apple uses iCloud for backups and the like? 

Android KitKat: Better battery life

ohh !! thankx god this is what i want  i mean everyone what a better battery life of course and it not only depend on hardware but also it depend on software you are using 

 Android 4.4 is supposed to make better use of multi-core CPUs and is apparently "lightweight" in terms of the demands it places on the hardware.

 Android KitKat: Smoother screen orientation changes

Android KitKat: Improved security and bug-squashing

security is the main issue for all kind of software  cyber crime is spreading like lightning speed and android is easy to modify and vulnerable and easy target for hacker to use android platform  and in recent news millions of android device hacked so this time google come up with all new security and bugs   


 Android Jelly Bean on the Nexus 4 is on the left and Android KitKat, as seen on the Nexus 5 leak, is on the right


  1. Notification bar is no longer black. Now transparent and icons are white
  2. Google's Roboto font appears to be narrower, similar to the HTC Sense 5 UI
  3. Bar above the app tray is gone. The only divider is a homescreen page indicator using translucent dots
  4. Camera icon is completely new
  5. App drawer icon no longer has an outer circle. Now a translucent circle and dots appear more rounded
  6. Phone icon is completely new. Darker blue, flatter and with less prominent gradient/highlights
  7. Like the notifications bar, the control bar is no longer black and is transparent with white icons for the navigation controls: Home, Back and Multitasking


Second official KitKat teaser emerges via Twitter - suggests October 28 launch


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