Today my company management ask me to make network inventory of entire network. if i am going to collect all all computer information like how many computers are there in my network ? Which operating system is installed there ? processor , model information of all computers. it will take approx 7 days in my normal work hour. 
Lots of paid software are available on the internet for this work like Solarwinds for network inventory.
Today i am going to show how easily you will get network inventory with Lan-Sweeper freeware version.

What is Network Inventory Management
Network Inventory Management tools allow an administrator to maintain up-to-date records about the number, type and status of devices on a network. Network Inventory Management software ranges from network discovery tools to network configuration management utilities. Network Inventory Management software automates routine tasks and allows an administrator to remotely manage large numbers of networked devices simultaneously.
Lansweeper will give you information like :-
  • ·         Software inventory
  • ·         Network inventory
  • ·         License compliance
  • ·         Compliance reporting
  • ·         Active directory integration
  • ·         Eventlog integration
  Download and install Lansweeper on your network, it will ask your administrator credentials. and it will give you full report.

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