Before download this software make sure your antivirus is turn off 

Using the backdoor, hackers can remotely access your computer without any Authentication and do whatever the hacker wants. I will tell you some of the features of the rest of them you need to try and find out. The program:

  • Working as a key logger. 
  • Send any information from PC to PC Hacker's Victim. 
  • Running the program on the Victims PC.
  •  Display each image on the screen 
  • Violating the victim. 
  •  Open the CD drive of the PC victim. 
  • Open a Web page on the Victims Screen. 
  • Special keys or disable the whole keyboard.
  •  Shutdown PC victim. Songs start at PC.etc.etc Victims ... ... ... ... .
 The reverse of the best I have found is Back Orifice so I will discuss it.

 Back Orifice
Back Orifice backdoor program is one of the most common, and one of the most deadly. The name may seem like a joke, but surely, the threat is real. Back Orifice was established in Cult of the Dead Cow. Back Orifice is an Open Source program. The main threat of this software is that by making some changes to the code anyone can make it undetectable by anti virus program that runs on the victim computer. Apart from the odd title, the program usually gets port 31 337, a reference to the phenomenon of "Lit" is popular among hackers.
Basic Back Orifice consists of two major parts. "Client" and "server". The client is part of Bo2k that you use to control the other comp. By defult, it bo2kgui.exe Server is a file that you install on comp the other in order to control it. By defult, it bo2k.exe. Never run in the comp bo2k.exe yourself unless you know what you are doing. The other component is a plugin ipmortant. Simply put, the plugin addon for Bo2k. They increase the strength Bo2k. For a list of plugins for Bo2k, goto the official website Bo2k. To control the other comp, you must first send to the other party decides bo2k, and all other parties are running, you just start your bo2k client and using it you can assert your control.

How to use Back Orifice?
How to use it?
 First, you must configure both the client and server.

  1. First let's configure the server.
  2. Download a copy of Bo2k and unzip.

  3. Then run bo2kcfg.exe file.
  4. A window will appear welcoming you to bo2k configuration wizard.
  5. Click on the following (For the experts, they do not use the wizard, they configure manually.But one thing at a time first.)
  6. Then the wizard will prompt you for a file server bo2k (which bo2k.exe). By defult you just need to click next. But if you change your name or keep it in a different folder, go browsing for it.
  7. Now it will ask if you want the connection or connections TCPIO UDPIO. I would recommand TCPIO.
  8. Now they will ask you what port you want to listen to. The more popular ones are 6666, 54 321, 33 137, 31 336 and 4444. Try to advoid this. Try putting a number that you can remember easily. Avoid 12345, 1080, 8808.
  9. Now they will ask you for your encryption type. Usually you only get to choose the option XOR. Do not choose 3DES if you're not in the U.S..
  10. Now they will ask you what you want to password use.Choose one and remember it.
  11. Then click finish. The setup wizard will automatically part for your client. Be patient you can use it immediately.
  12. Now send the server (bo2k.exe) to the other party and the other party when it runs, you will be able to connect to.

What to do when the victim clicks on the server?

  1. Start bo2kgui.exe.
  2. Click on the file, then the new server.
  3. Type in what ever name you want to call it.
  4. Now type in the ip address of the other party. If you do not know it, then you're in luck.
  5. If others in irc, just goto irc and type / dns and you will get the ip (plz dun include <> when typing / dns).
  6. Now click on connect.
  7. You will see a window that says "Please wait retriving server capabilities ..." However, if you see "Can not connect to remote server" which means that the other party did not run well Bo2k.exe or he is behind a firewall or maybe he has gone offline. Then you're in luck. :)
  8. One you have connnect, the right window, you should see some folders. I will explain the functions in the folders in the next post.

Download Back Orifice 2000
Back Orifice 2000 can be downloaded at the following address: http://sourceforge.net /projects/bo2k/

How do I delete Back orifice 2000?

Removing Back Orifice 2000 ?

may require that you modify the registry settings. To remove it at 7 simple steps, refer to the diagram below.
Click Start> Run, and type "regedit" (without the quotes) Follow the path below:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ RunServices " Now look in the right box: "The umgr32 = 'c: \ windows \ system \ umgr32.exe" Right click on the entry and click Delete. Now restart your computer. After restarting only open Windows Explorer. Make sure you can see all registered extensions. To do so, select "View Options and configure the appropriate settings. Go to the directory SYSTEM \ WINDOWS, and find "umgr32.exe" file. Once you find it, delete it. Exit Windows Explorer and reboot again.

Just for educational purposes, and if I get a good response on that, I would furthur explain the function of the folders and also how to add plugins in it.So leave your comments if you like it!

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